About Magniflex®

Quality sleep is essential to recharge the body and mind. While we are sleeping, our brain stores information and memories, deep in the subconscious. The nervous system regenerates itself, and the skin and muscles become stronger.

It is based on the awareness of these facts that Magniflex sets a key goal for itself and puts all the experience gained throughout the years to the service of quality sleep by manufacturing outstanding products that improve the overall quality of life.

Sleeping is not only pleasure but more importantly, a prerequisite for living a healthy life full of energy to face a new day with all its challenges.


At night, the brain recharges with new strength, memory gathers all the ideas and now the muscles get longer with one stretch at the top. The MagniStretch Line is your spine's dream come true, thanks to the distension and extension action during sleep.

  • Stretch your body and mind : Recharge the mind, stretch the body. All you need to do is lie down; and Magnistretch will do the rest of the work for your body's well-being, stretching your back every night.
  • Not just stretching : Patented and developed in collaboration with the Department of mechanical engineering at the University of Zaragoza, the Elioform inner layers and the softer Eliosoft ones are made even more flexible thanks to the innovative Stretch system.
  • Stretching has never been so relaxing : The special layer with inclined sections uses the pressure of the body to stretch your back from cervical and lumbar area towards the lower back and the feet. This movement increases the space between the vertebrae, distributing the weight more evenly. Muscle tension and contractions will dissolve during sleep. These benefits were certified by the ACA as further evidence of the beneficial effect of the MagniStretch mattress.